The Zambia institute for Medical and Psychological Studies (ZIMPS) was founded in 2019 as a Satellite Training Centre for the ministry of health and registered a registered learning under PACRA and ZRA. ZIMPS is currently working to affiliate with the NMCZ, HEA, HPCZ and other relevant bodies. Currently working on formalizing affiliations with NMCZ and 96% of the expected works have been done so far with HEA as the next move.

 Strides are been made to ensure all affilliations and approvals are thoroughly followed.

The school has the following departments:

  1. School of health sciences
  2. School of health sciences
  3. Department of psychological studies with more focus on the nursing school as we strive to set up into full operations,

 It’s made up of committees such as

  • Bursaries  Committee (BC)
  • Finance committee
  • Education committee
  • Disciplinary committe

These committees of the institute attest to the management characteristic of the school. The school ensures effective participation of members in the affairs of the school from the grass roots (the lower ranks) to the top ranks which serves as the highest policy-making organ of the school.