Zambia Institute for Medical and Psychological Studies – ZIMPS is Zambian institution Registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Zambia and the Ministry of Health Zambia Mental Health Training Unit offering health sciences programs to pledge the emerging need in for health professionals. It was founded in 2015 as Professional Counselling Training Institute, the ZIMPS has since then been offering mental and psychological studies course through is satellites in Lusaka, Western and Eastern Provinces of the Republic of Zambia. Now having school of Health Sciences, Psychological Studies and Nursing, the Institute has continued to be the center of excellence for medical and psychological studies .The ZIMPS boasts of extraordinary training facilities and environment and affordable fees. Besides realigning the use of VLE it also offers fully and partially funded scholarships to enable education delivery to everyone including persons from families with low income

ZIMPS is currently working to affiliate with the HEA, HPCZ and other relevant bodies. Strides are being made to ensure all affiliations and approvals are thoroughly followed.

The ZIMPS is made up of the following committees

  • Bursaries  Committee (BC)
  • Finance committee
  • Education committee
  • Disciplinary committe

These committees of the institute attest to the management characteristic of the school. The school ensures effective participation of members in the affairs of the school from the grass roots (the lower ranks) to the top ranks which serves as the highest policy-making organ of the school.