Our mission remains to produce the health care and nursing professionals who are prepared to society as trained and informed advocates, able to advance the clinical and science and capable of promoting positive change in health care to benefit the communities they will serve.


To advance the art of medicine, nursing and health sciences through education, science and research

core values

Offering students quality education is our primary concern. We take advantage of their passion to bring Excellency.


In the 21st Century at the climax of the Internet and Technology we utilizing eLearning to deliver lessons In most of our programmes.



We have high end equipment to simulate real life experience to support training and research in Medical and Nursing programmes.



The modern and clean environment gives our students a comfortable and safe place to support their studies and drills.




People, Passion & Excellence

We take advantage of your passion to serve and make change to bring Excellence that that can benefit the local communities and beyond.

Affiliations and Partnerships

The Institute is affiliated to the following regulators and part ners to ensure uncompromised service delivery

contact information

Banja Conner near ShopRite downtown along Kafue road 10101 Lusaka, Zambia